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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who has time to blog?

I had lunch with a friend of mine recently who insisted I would be foolish to not blog.  We have a business we're trying to grow and he thinks we're doing some pretty innovative things that other people might be interested in.  Some of those things are sufficiently innovative that it also makes sense for me to keep track of what we did and the outcomes.  I conceded that my friend is right that I should be blogging about the farm.  What better way to keep our friends and customers up to date on activities on the farm.  It will also be a nice historical record for me to refer to. 

So, my friends, my following posts will mostly be about life on our farm or, as I sometimes refer to it, our very expensive hobby.  Life on a farm can be very gratifying and it can also be quite trying.  I'll strive to try an educate and entertain as I share our experiences of a large family making a living with me working full time and trying to manage a full time operation on a part time basis.

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